Frequently Asked Questions 


Where is Tinsel Trail located?


Tinsel Trail is located at Government Plaza, in Downtown Tuscaloosa.

When does Tinsel Trail open and how long does it last?


Tinsel Trail will be officially open November 21st and lasts until January 1st. 


What are the hours of Tinsel Trail?


Tinsel Trail is lit from dusk to dawn but can still be enjoyed during the day.

Do I have to pay to walk the trail?


No, it is free to walk the Trail!


Who decorates the trees?


Local businesses, organizations, and individual sponsors decorate the trees. Each tree is furnished with electricity and signage listing the sponsor and decorator. 


If I want to donate my tree, does the Tinsel Trail committee pick an organization for me or do I need to provide one?


Both!  We keep a list of organizations, typically local schools or nonprofits, who are interested in decorating a tree. The sponsor can choose from the list OR we can choose for you OR you may contact a group of your choosing and register them as the decorator for your tree.


Who takes care of the trees while they are on display?


Tuscaloosa's One Place staff and volunteers tend to the trees daily.  It is recommended that sponsors check on their trees periodically and perform any maintenance as needed.  


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